Trophies Series & Story Town

Trophies is a research-based, developmental reading/language arts program. The series is used with wide success because it includes explicit phonics instruction; phonemic awareness instruction; direct reading instruction; and guided reading strategies. Language arts components are integrated into reading and writing instruction, allowing students to learn mechanics and usage in context. The series also includes systematic intervention strategies that give teachers the flexibility to differentiate instruction for varying student abilities, as well as assessment tools to ensure every student successfully learns to read.

In grades 2-4, the Storytown reading program used by Albany Community Charter School begins to develop students’ inferential questioning strategies. Since, inference strategies are a foundation of students’ beginning critical thinking skills, students in grades 2-4 will also begin work in Readers’ Workshops utilizing strategies developed by Ellin Keen and Susan Zimmermann in Mosaic of Thought: Teaching Comprehension in a Reader’s Workshop. These supplemental materials aid in training elementary students to discuss what they are reading and relate the literature to real-life situations, a key component in achieving success with the New York State English Language Arts standards.

To augment the curriculum materials in all content areas but particularly in ELA and mathematics, Albany Community Charter School uses dynamic word walls to foster our population’s understanding of key vocabulary. Not only does the creation of dynamic word walls reinforce key vocabulary and content knowledge, but will help to create a school culture focused on high expectations and academic achievement.

Success For All- Kindergarten
KinderCorner is a research-based and research-proven full-day kindergarten program that provides children with experiences that prepare them for success in primary grades.

KinderCorner fosters the development of children’s language, literacy, math, interpersonal and self-help skills, science, and social studies concepts. The focus on strong oral language skills, a love of reading, phonemic awareness, phonics, and listening comprehension creates a solid foundation for reading.

  • Sixteen 2-Week Unit Theme Guides, the backbone of KinderCorner. Theme Guides provide daily lesson guides, materials lists, objectives, vocabulary, a detailed description of each component, and a letter for parents.
  • Four comprehensive kits containing children’s books, puzzles, and other manipulative materials that introduce and support the thematic concepts and vocabulary of each theme.
  • Big Books with bright, beautiful photographs and illustrations that provide support for instruction on concepts of print as well as thematic concepts. Small black and white student copies of each of these Big Books go home with the children so that they can read them with family.
  • 19 KinderCorner “Shared Stories.” A powerful literacy strand includes colorful stories with decodable text. Children’s consumable versions help them build a library at home as they master reading.
  • Optional classroom videos/DVDs linked to the reading program. These create memorable images of vocabulary, sound/letter correspondences, sound blending, and reading strategies.
  • Rhyme Cards, Phonics Picture Cards, Activity Cards, and Posters support instruction of new concepts, concepts of print, and/or the children’s practice of skills, e.g., sorting, classifying, and so on.
  • Stories and Rhymes CDs that provide the children with additional opportunities to listen to some of the stories that they have heard during Story Tree. The children can “read along” as the CDs provide a signal when to turn the page. The rhymes and songs from Rhyme Time encourage the children to recite or sing along, enhancing phonemic awareness and vocabulary development.
  • Math Home Link pages that the children take home to practice their math skills.