Our staff members are talented, highly skilled individuals who are dedicated to our students’ learning. They are committed to our mission, culture and curriculum, and most importantly, our students’ success. If you are interested in becoming part of our growing team, please submit by email your resume to jobs@albanycommunitycs.org. Please be sure to indicate which position you are interested in in the subject line of your email.

The following positions are immediately available:

Third Grade Lead Teacher Third_Grade_Lead_Teacher
Sixth Grade Science Teacher Sixth_Grade_Science_Teacher
Seventh Grade Social Studies Teacher Seventh_Grade_Social_Studies_Teacher
Seventh Grade Mathematics Teacher Seventh_Grade_Mathematics_Teacher
Seventh and Eighth Grade Science Teacher Seventh_Eighth_Grade_Science_Teacher
Eighth Grade Mathematics Teacher Eighth_Grade_Math_Teacher
Middle School Special Education Teacher Middle_School_Special_Education_Teacher
Middle School Physical Education Teacher Middle_School_Physical_Education_Teacher
Middle School Librarian/Technology Teacher Middle_School_Librarian_Technology_Teacher
Cooperating Teacher, Music Cooperating_Teacher_Music
Middle School Spanish Teacher Middle_School_Spanish_Teacher
Middle School ELL Teacher Middle_School_ELL_Teacher

The following positions are available for the 2016-2017 academic year:

K-2 Instructional Coach Instructional_Coach
Grade 3-5 Instructional Coach Instructional_Coach
MS Math and Science Instructional Coach Instructional_Coach
Lower Elementary School Lead Teacher Lower_Elementary_School_Lead_Teacher
Lower Elementary School Cooperating Teacher Lower_Elementary_School_Cooperating_Teacher
Upper Elementary School Lead Teacher Upper_Elementary_School_Lead_Teacher
Upper Elementary School Cooperating Teacher Upper_Elementary_School_Cooperating_Teacher
Middle School Lead Teacher Middle_School_Lead_Teacher
Middle School Cooperating Teacher Middle_School_Cooperating_Teacher