“I just want to say, you guys are doing a very swell job. I had my daughters at another school and they kept sending my daughter home for the craziest things. I was getting fed up that they couldn’t tell the difference between serious behavioral issues and child’s play. Being at ACCS, my daughters have improved tremendously. They are both straight “A” students and on the honor roll, which makes me a proud mom. ACCS is the best in my opinion”

“I as a parent am very proud of a school that takes such pride in my son.”

“I think everyone there is doing a wonderful job. Everyone is very friendly and my daughters learn so much. I would recommend ACCS to any parent. I take my hat off to the staff, keep up the good work.”

“I am very thankful for ACCS. They take the time to let you know how your child is doing and what can be done so they can be better. Keep up the good work!!!”

“I am very pleased with ACCS and its staff. I always shout to everyone I know that ACCS is the best charter school in Albany! Keep up the great work!”

“I Am very pleased by the progress my daughter has made this year. While she is a smart child, I credit the school and her teachers for her continued success in her studies as well as her hunger for learning.”

“I am very pleased with ACCS. My daughter is happy and loves going to school. This school has a lot pride and is operated very well with discipline and respect. The school building itself is wonderful, well built and maintained. I feel my child is safe in this school and that’s important to me. Keep up the good work!”

“I am very proud of the quality programs and the high standards of excellence that ACCS provides my child. This school is a true example of what every elementary school in the district should be modeled after, both academically and socially. Mr. Currie and his staff have the formula for success.”

“Great school, I recommend ACCS to everyone I meet that are seeking a good school for their child.”

“Overall, we are very pleased to have enrolled our daughter at ACCS. Initially, I was a little reluctant, but because ACCS covered all aspects of positive development and growth we decided to give it a chance. Prior to our child attending ACCS she attended a local public school for Kindergarten. We were extremely disappointed and worried. Placing our daughter at ACCS was one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents. Our child has been in an environment that encourages and really displays personal interest w/each student’s accomplishments while striving to do their best. This has such an impact on each student and to me as a parent it is priceless!!!”

“My daughter has been at ACCS for three years. I am so glad I decide to enroll her. I have seen so much progress since she came to ACCS. The staff is awesome and the teachers are wonderful. When it is time for my daughter to leave I hope and pray that ACCS has expanded to grades 5-12. Thanks ACCS, you are the best!”

“Albany Community is the only reason my family has stayed in Albany”

“ I have never seen children have such pride and excitement about their school.”