Board of Trustees

Every charter school in New York is governed by its own non-profit board of trustees. The ACCS board is comprised of volunteers whose main responsibilities include setting policy for the school and ensuring the school meets its obligations stated in the charter. Unique among charter schools, Albany Community Charter School allocates on seat on the board for the parent of a currently enrolled student. This helps ensure that all decisions are made in the context of serving students
The Board of Trustees is also responsible for the creating and enforcing policies governing the school including school’s student discipline policy, staff code of conduct, school budget, facilities, financial operations, etc.
The responsibilities and obligations of the Albany Community Charter school’s board of trustees include the following:

  • Ensure that the school adheres to the mission, the terms of its charter, and applicable New York State and federal laws and regulations.
  • Hire, supervise, and evaluate and hold accountable the performance of the school principal.
  • Ensure effective implementation of the educational program so the school operates in an educationally sound manner.
  • Develop and ensure progress on the school’s required Accountability Plan.
  • Approve the charter school’s annual budget, review regular financial updates, and ensure the school operates in a fiscally sound manner.
  • Establish and maintain all policies governing the operation of the school.
  • Provide support to the charter school with additional fundraising, marketing, and other services as needs arise.
  • Establish partnerships with community organizations, institutions of higher learning, nonprofit foundations and corporate entities that support education.
  • Adjudicate parent and staff complaints pursuant to the school’s processes.

Each member of the board of trustees of Albany Community commits to the following:

  • Belief in and support of the mission and design of ACCS.
  • An expectation that all children can learn and can accomplish high academic achievement regardless of race, income, family background, religion, gender, or previous behavior.
  • Willingness to volunteer for individual assignments on behalf of and by the board, including service on committees and fundraising endeavors.

Members of the Albany Community Charter School Board of Trustees include:

 Rai C. Archibold, CFA Chair
 Rai C. Archibold, CFA  Treasurer
Lakeya Martin Secretary
Juanita Nabors Vice- Chair
Bramble Buran Member
Felicia Reid Member
Michael Strianese Member
Lakeya Martin Member/Parent Liason

Members of the Board of Trustees can be reached via mail at:
Albany Community Charter School
65 Krank Street
Albany, NY 12202

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