Parents’ Code

At Albany Community Charter School parents and staff work together to create a community where learning and hard work are valued. We expect parents to be actively engaged in their child’s school experience. We encourage parents to join the Parent Advisory Board, and one seat on our Board of Trustees is reserved for a parent. All parents are expected to sign the Parent/School Contract to signify their commitment to participate in their child’s success.

Parent Responsibilities

The following are some of the ways you can participate in your child’s success in school:

    • Ensure that your child is at school on time every day.
    • Support our work ethic that every child will have a school “job” and assume responsibility to do it well.
    • Communicate regularly with your child’s teacher. This includes: providing needed information, letting us know how things are going and participating in parent meetings and conferences.
    • Participate in creating high standards for behavior, including supporting the school’s code of conduct and working with our school in solving any problems that may develop.
    • Talk to your child about values such as work, responsibility and the importance of education.
    • Show interest in your child’s homework and schoolwork and follow through on signing papers and participating in family projects.
    • Ensure that your child wears the ACCS uniform daily.
    • Keep your child’s emergency phone numbers and information in the school office up-to-date.
    • Volunteer at the school or do things for the school at least 2 hours each month.